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Board Officers:


Board President: 

Gwenn Marelo ◼ Parent Representative ◼ sbla@sblouisiana(dot)org 


Board Vice-President: 

Steven Nguyen ◼ Adult with Spina Bifida  ◼  vp@sblouisiana(dot)org


Secretary & Adult Program Coordinator:

Kristen Duhe ◼ Adult with Spina Bifida ◼ adultprogram@sblouisiana(dot)org 

Board Treasurer:

Al Hitt, III ◼ Parent Representative 


Outreach Coordinator:

Selina Gilliland ◼ Parent Representative ◼ outreach@sblouisiana(dot)org 


Board Members: 



Kellie Luke ◼ Parent Representative & Acadiana Region Outreach Coordinator 

Jamie McDonald ◼ Family Member Representative


Brittnie Hamel  ◼ Parent Representative 


Support Team:

Jamie B. MacDonald ◼ Camp Friendship Director ◼ campdir@sblouisiana(dot)org 
Ronald Schulingkamp ◼ Turkey Day Race Fundraiser Chairperson 
Mike & Marie Rourke ◼ Past Red Bug Hill Challenge Fundraiser Chairpersons 
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