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Mission & Vision Statements 

"The association's mission is to promote the prevention of spina bifida and to support the needs of individuals with spina bifida and related disorders." 

"At SB of Louisiana, we envision a future where all individuals have opportunities to grow and thrive in an integrated society and  also where, supported by a diet enriched with folic acid, fewer babies will be born with Spina Bifida."

Programs & Activities 


Providing Information & Support


We are here to support individuals with Spina Bifida and their family. Whether you need information on Spina Bifida, local resources, or connecting with other families - reach out to us! 

Camp Friendship 

Camp Friendship is a free week-long, summer camp for children - 3 years of age through high school - with Spina Bifida and similar orthopedic conditions. For more information about camp, click HERE

Community Activities 


Throughout the year, SB of Louisiana organizes activities for our families. We also organize activities for those 16 years old age and older, with Spina Bifida. 

Statewide Outreach and Awareness

As the sole chapter in the state, SB of Louisiana is committed to reaching out to families from all areas of the state. We have designated outreach coordinators who are tasked with connecting families and planning various activities throughout the year. See the current list HERE

Financial Assistance & Scholarships 

We offer various scholarship and assistance funds to our members. Those include a higher education scholarship, medical assistance fund, and driver's evaluation/vehicle modification fund. For more information, click HERE

Programs and Services Reflect the Organization's goals...

 ☑ To enable children, youth and adults with Spina Bifida to maximize their potential for education achievement, employment, independence and a healthy life. 

 ☑ To significantly reduce the incidence of Spina Bifida and related conditions 

 ☑ To enable families of individuals with Spina Bifida to receive caregiver support from each other. 

 ☑ To assure that individuals with Spina Bifida and related conditions receive entitled medical, educational and vocational services. 

 ☑ To advocate for acceptance, accessibility rights, inclusion, treatment options and well-being of people with Spina Bifida. 

 ☑ To advocate for appropriate educational, vocational and community support to encourage self-determination. 

 ☑ To promote research for the prevention of Spina Bifida and related secondary conditions. 


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What is Spina Bifida? Find out more by clicking HERE.
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